Looking for the love of your life? Working in these industries could help

You’re a hard worker with no time for love – welcome to the 21st century! But, don’t lose hope just yet. There’s a good chance you could be spending all day around several potential partners; in the right industry of course!

Looking love for your life

Being stuck in a cubicle all day is hardly a conducive environment to find your perfect partner. Of course, you’re going to meet people at the occasional office party, or find a colleague who catches your fancy over the top of your computer. But, more often than not, they’re going to be short-lived flings. If you’re looking for a bigger pond, you’re going to need to reconsider the industry you’re in. Several industries are catalysts for meeting, mingling and finding your soul mate.

Media and journalism

When it comes to meeting different types of people, there is no profession that can rival media and journalism. Whether it’s the subject of your story (it could happen!) or someone you need to contact to get information from, you will meet people with several different personalities. And, the best part is that you won’t have to actively seek people out – it will be part of your job!

Public relations

How could we skip mentioning a profession with the word public in its moniker? If there were just one career to beat all others when it came to meeting people, this would be the one. For a public relations professional, an active social life is almost like a job requirement. Whether it’s at a client’s promotional event or an informal get-together that you need to attend in order to build contacts, you will have several opportunities to meet people.


Another profession where having an active social life is an important part of building a successful career; the fashion industry will see you unconsciously meeting potential partners. Whether it’s people in the industry, or those who are part of the professions that we’ve mentioned on this list, fashion is a career choice where there will be no dearth of interesting people at every turn.

Event management

These days, any field you’re in requires a level of energy and commitment to build a successful career, but event management is a profession that demands a bit more – from long hours to constantly being on call for the sake of the job. But, if you’re an extrovert who has no qualms about approaching strangers, this is the career where the sky is the limit!

Digital marketing

In this age, social media is possibly one of the best ways to interact with people. Whether it’s to build a deeper relationship with an acquaintance, or to find out more about someone you’ve met, but don’t know enough about, social media and online portals work as an effective tool to form new connections. While most of your connections will be online, there are several offline meets where you can meet your online friends, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet a potential partner.

Working in a field where you meet a lot of people on a daily basis is going to be your best bet. Since most of us definitely work longer than 9-5, we’re not left with enough time to look for a partner outside the office, are we? So, start looking! After all, you never know what’s in store till you try it out – and you may end up with the partner of your dreams

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