Lessons From Nature To Connect Singles

Over the years, my definition of a perfect vacation with singles has changed drastically — from hitting a beach, getting high to now taking long walks with your partner amidst the greens and appreciating nature. Some call it being boring, others call it being wise. Of late, I have started to connect to new people in nature more and started to look at life from a broader perspective—how can we give more to nature than take away from it.

The Ganges

In one of my visits to Rishikesh, I spent time by the Ganges — which began with watching the river flow, listening to the sound it makes when it hits the rocks, when something changed inside me, then came the epiphany — ‘be like the river—ever flowing, always giving, unstoppable’. It left such a huge impact that I made a promise to myself to spend more time observing nature on every vacation with my partner.

Mcloed Ganj

Recently, on a visit to Mcloed Ganj, I was awestruck with the view of snowcapped mountains and was silenced by their vastness and magnanimity. Looking at the mountains made me realise how tiny we really are compared to nature and what they taught me is to try to be stable, grand, and someone that can’t be shaken.

Closer To The Answers

As a spiritual seeker, observing nature has brought me closer to the answers of questions I often seek and I am hoping it will answer many more to come!

If travel and nature has changed you in any way, do let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your stories!

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