Single Journeys: The ‘Ultra’ Woman

This is the second in the Single Journey series in collaboration with INK Talks.


Anu Vaidyanathan not only breaks them, but also shatters them to pieces.

Exercise. The word generates more groans and sighs than any other word in the dictionary. In our sedentary lifestyle, it has become highly important for most people to find varied forms in order to be fit. Also, the age-old scientific fact of men being physically stronger than women has become more prominent when it comes to participating and winning sports events.

Some people are lucky enough to learn the art of balancing their dreams and careers, and one such gem from the INK community is Anu Vaidhyanathan, India’s first triathlete.  She is the only Asian to have competed in and finished 6th at Ultraman – a three day stage-race comprising a 10K swim, 420K-bike ride and an 84.4K run. While achieving these accolades, she went on to receive her PhD (Electrical Engineering) in a record setting time of 26 months. Just listing her qualities and achievements is exhausting but this just goes to show that racing to the finish line with time to spare is something Anu Vaidyanathan follows in every aspect of her life.

To make profiling easier, psychologists originally used stereotypes, but we’ve taken it to another level and limited people to their respective roles. But, if you have a dream, breaking out of the mold becomes easy. Plus, who said you don’t can’t do both. An investment banker can be a poet, an architect can like fixing cars and in the above example, an IP professor can be an ace triathlete.  Learn to follow your passion no matter what society tries to conform you into. At the end of the day, we are included in that society.


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