Floh is losing singles….and we love it!

One of the ‘rules’ of Floh is that if members start seeing each other, or lose their single status, they have to leave the network. We’re happy to report that in our short  existence of a few months, we’ve been responsible for a few couples getting together! Typically, they’ve met for the first time at Floh events and then taken it from there on their own. Of course these members are ecstatic and so are we.

Singles getting to know each other

When you think about the profile of our members – educated, urban and independent – they don’t settle. And for them to find a partner in such a short time surprised even us. Ironically, this is because we *do not* play matchmaker. We bring our members together at exceptionally well planned events that are hosted at outstanding venues. These are no-pressure environments where the focus is on interaction and we’d like to believe that goes a long way in members getting to know each other.

And of course, with all the media attention that we’ve been getting, the waitlist to join Floh has only gotten longer. But hey, check out the secret back door entry to jumping the queue here.

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