Fantastic Food, Wine, and Conversations With Singles

This is a blog post by Floh member, Asha Anand, after attending the first Supper Club in Bangalore conducted by Chef Anirudh Nopany exclusively for Floh members. Learn more at www.floh.in

Bangalore Supper Club

A distinctive green door with a pretty potted plant placed beside it welcomes you to the apartment. Behind that door, lies a candle-lit table covered in a beautiful white cloth set for 20 people. When you see it, you know that you have to pull out your fine dining etiquette, stat!

A smiling Anirudh Nopany introduced himself and poured out the wine for us. Anirudh is soft spoken, with quick movements and a quiet humility about him, and he’s definitely a wiz in the kitchen! Add to that the dim lighting, soft music, a room full of like minded people, and I felt instantly relaxed.

I’ve been to Floh events before, but I’ve never interacted with so many single people as I did that night! I think the peaceful casual atmosphere encouraged all of us to shed our inhibitions.

I knew what to expect as the menu had already been forwarded to us, but the event turned out to be unique and beyond my expectations! We were continuously offered wine and canapés. We spent a few hours making new acquaintances and catching up with the old. By the time we settled at the table for dinner, we had become a bunch of friends spending an evening in together.

For the vegetarian main course, Anirudh served cannelloni of spinach and ricotta which was scrumptious, and I think it was the best cannelloni that I’ve ever had the opportunity to taste! (No, I have not been threatened to say so!) It was creamy, rich, and superb. In fact, the non-vegetarians helped the vegetarians polish off the dish! With bread and mashed potato as accompaniments, it was a complete meal. We took our own time, and with the wine the evening just slipped by. The warm chocolate cake served with creme patisserie and vanilla ice cream for dessert was quite simply delightful, and it was the perfect way to seal the meal for me. It encouraged a lot of oohs and aahs around the table, and we unabashedly wiped the plates clean!

What was special about this event wasn’t just the gourmet food, but the pleasant ambience, the interaction with such a qualified chef, and the friendly banter and music; all of which made for a fine evening. In fact we even convinced Anna, Anirudh’s friend, to sing for us, and that made the experience even more exclusive. I’m definitely signing up for the next such event! This is such a fantastic way to meet other singles. I’d like to thank the entire team at Floh, Anirudh Nopany, and his friends who made the evening memorable for us!

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