3 ways To Know When Someone Likes You

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Dating in this day and age is confusing for most. “Will she agree to a second date?” “Why isn’t he returning my call?”  are some questions that plague those in the initial dating phase. But, we’ve got three ways to tell with absolute certainty if someone is into you.

1. They always return your call or message. No matter how busy they might be, they will find that nano second to respond. Ever got a message with perhaps a smiley that says “In a meeting. Will call you back”? As soon as they see your missed call, they will return it. And, unless they were in the middle of performing a life-threatening surgery, they will respond to your messages.

2. They jump at the chance of meeting you. If you suggest an impromptu date, it doesn’t matter if they live in the other end of town, or have a plan already in place, they will always say yes. We are sure we’ve all cancelled a movie plan with friends or ditched a family get-together at the drop of a hat to say yes to meeting that special someone. So, no matter how inconvenient, they can’t wait to meet you again.

3. They will look for excuses to connect with you. If someone is into you, you can be sure that they will always want to connect with you. This could be – just forwarding an interesting article that resonates with a conversation you might have had with them, or a simple text mentioning that your favourite song is playing on the radio – anything contextual that will tell you that they’re thinking of you. You’ll also notice that all messages or chats will end with a question or a comment that will keep the conversation going.

Pick these signals and if both of you feel the same way – you’re on the right path to connect with singles 🙂

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