Welcome to Floh – a refreshing new way to meet like minded people!

The idea for Floh was born out of conversations with our single friends – the men are always complaining that there aren’t any single women and the single women are usually wondering where all the single men have vanished. And yet, it’s apparent that there is an abundance of single men and women around. The real issue is that there isn’t a platform for them to meet. Enter Floh.

Floh is a platform to help urban and educated singles find a life partner. Floh is not a dating service. To make sure Floh members get to meet like-minded people, every individual is carefully screened through a 1 on 1 telephonic call before being invited to join Floh. Members can interact with each other online and offline. Online, each member has a handcrafted profile and can message other members or invite them to meet for coffee. Offline, members can meet at highly interactive events hosted by Floh, or by one of our members. Floh was founded in 2011, and since then, 120 Floh members have found their life partners at Floh.

Floh has hosted over 310 events and our members are from 15 cities across 4 countries.

Why Floh? Most introductions are via friends or family. But once these avenues have been exhausted, you reach a dead end. The situation is only exacerbated when you realize that your group of single friends is constantly shrinking – friends getting married, having babies and moving on to different phases in life. Floh enables you to connect with like-minded people that are a part of a similar circle of influence as yours, but hard to discover if such a platform does not exist.

How does Floh work? The first step is to visit www.floh.in and click on Join Floh. Once you fill up a short form, we will call you to get to know you better. Floh screens every person before extending an invitation to join the network. After you receive an invitation to join Floh, you need to select a membership plan and you’re all set! As a member you will have complete access to all our offerings including:

> A handcrafted profile created for you,
> Invitations to our events across 4 cities,
> Tools to connect with other Floh members online – send and receive unlimited messages and invite people you would like to get to know better for coffee.

What are Floh events like? Our events are unique, highly interactive and are focused on ensuring that our members are able to connect with each other in a natural and a zero-pressure environment. We’ve hosted over 310 events and these include Sailing Experiences, cookouts with Chef Manu Chandra of Olive and Chef Viraf Patel of Café Zoe, Vintage Car Rallies, Heritage & Photography walks, an Urban Challenge with Uber, Dance Sessions with World Record holder, Lourd Vijay, Grape Stomping at vineyards, Single Malt Appreciation Evenings and a whole lot more.

What are Floh members like? Our members are urban, educated and independent. They are professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, educationists, bankers, consultants, pilots and from the non-profit world. They are all gainfully employed and the common thread that connects them is that they are very passionate about what they do. We have seen that people who are naturally curious about the world and have a range of interests gravitate to Floh, since they know that this is where they will meet like-minded and articulate people.

Our Philosophy: While founding Floh, one thing that we were absolutely clear about was the fact that we’ll be authentic. We’re real people, who use our real names and are accessible to our members (any member can call a Floh Founder). We require that each member authenticate themselves via Facebook or LinkedIn. Using this approach, we’re sure that our members are authentic too. No aliases, no handles, no pseudonyms. This way, you’re sure about who you’re interacting with.

We think that Floh is an idea whose time has come.

Welcome aboard! Tell us what you think by commenting below.

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