The Indian Woman’s Definitive Guide to the Single Indian Man

The Single Neo-Alpha Male-Urbana- Indiana.

I am ‘Neo-alpha male-Urbana- Indiana.’ I have some close relatives, whom I am not too proud of to be honest, namely – The aggressive typical traditional Hindustani Marad & the chic- suave- shallow- Metro sexual Indian Dude. Alas, I am often mistaken for the aforementioned, a bit unfairly to be honest. Thus, I am in a very tricky situation here, I am drastically different from my close cousins but still am negatively benchmarked with them by most people. I don’t care about most people usually, but when that set includes women whom I like, it makes my life very very difficult.

The Checklist

  • Here is something to explain my situation better:
  • Educated and Employed – Check
  • Courteous and Well behaved – Check
  • Well Read and Intellectual – Checking (Want to read more…)
  • Well Dressed – Check (Basic, not high fashion admittedly)
  • Emotional- A little. (I won’t admit it ever in person)

All of this doesn’t mean that I don’t love my beer or other typical single guy things. Neither am I denying the fact that there are many things about women that I just don’t get(Like the difference b/w the colours rust & red, for example) but hey – I am trying really hard to catch up with a much more evolved being (Read modern Indian Woman).

Paying the price

Now you’re wondering why I’m ranting? To be honest, unfortunately I am paying the price for what my ancestors have done. They were the ones who undermined women, they were the ones who discriminated against them, they created oppressive situations leading to single women being exploited, there are some of my kind who continue to do so, but I am not like them, at all. I was taught to respect women, treat them as equal if not better.

A simple plea!

So, here’s a simple plea from my end, yes I am intimidated by you a little, and I admit, I have a past, but I am willing to accept yours if you return the favour. So the next time I ping you, or walk up to you to strike up a conversation, don’t judge me. Don’t club me along with my ancestors or my MCP Marad cousins, don’t expect me to be a player like my Metrosexual namesake either. I am armed with more than a joystick (I also have a mind and heart you know). Hey, I might also be the guy who you land up with and live happily ever after with. So please help me evolve and don’t be rude. Trust me, the world and your life will be better off with me in it – accept me for what I am, for who I am because while I can try to be everything you want, in the end I can only be everything I am.

Disclaimer- The views reflected in this article are purely my own. If you are a man reading this, consider this as my acknowledgement of your trouble. You are not alone brother.

Neo-alpha male-Urbana- Indiana (AB)

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