The Bearable Lightness Of Being Single

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From a seemingly blissful life where things always seemed destined to be on the up, one where yours truly thought that nothing could go wrong, life took a sharp turn and ensured that nothing was ever the same again.

I was always a chubby person and I never really minded it. Things were on the up – a good job, a cool set of friends and everything else a guy could ask for. While I was always conscious of carrying a little more than I should have, it was a trade off that I made happily in lieu of devoting time towards work and personal commitments.

Then life struck!

There was quite a bit of turbulence to begin with, and slowly things started falling apart. From being a happy go lucky person with almost everything one could ask for, there was a huge void that needed filling. And one such morning I realised that of all the things that I ever prioritized, my own physical well being was not even figuring in the list.

Don’t get me wrong though. It was never about being (or not being) in the shape that I was. It was more about fears; ranging from the modern day medical diseases catching up, to those trial room disappointments.

One fine day, a call was made to at least make an effort!

I ended up joining a nearby gym and got myself a trainer. Initial days were rough; I would end up on the floor thinking that I was being foolhardy in my late-twenties, deciding not to compromise and getting on with it, running/pulling/pumping as I tried to stretch my endurance limits. It was also coupled with a fierce regime and a very supportive (and often overlapping) circle of friends and colleagues.

Time flew and one day I realised that while I was still not sporting a beach body, I did manage to shed a decent 30 kilos and a good 13 (damn that number!) inches off my waistline in a matter of six-odd months. Life spruced itself up to find single. There were more options in terms of singles lifestyle (I ended up being an enthusiastic swimmer) and food (which was one of the most pleasant surprises). There was a lot more confidence, a spring in the step and most importantly, a sense of well being that was unmatched by any other joy in life with your soulmate!

The idea behind telling this is not to blatantly advertise one’s life but an attempt to spread the mantra that my trainer once told me. I was feeling embarrassed while looking at myself in the gym’s mirrors when he said, ‘Love yourself!’

While we all have our own perceptions of being in shape’, being physically fit is what matters as life progresses. It always gives us a lot more headroom to do things – to make people we love happier and most importantly, to love ourselves.

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