Impressing Singles in the Kitchen

This post is written by Sidman

Floh is delighted to announce a national tour with celebrated writer and self-taught chef, Samar Harlarnkar! Author of ‘The Married Man’s Guide To Creative Cooking And Other Dubious Adventures’, Samar makes a strong case for why men (married or single) need to cook. And, how easy it is to shop, chop, baste, marinate, sauté and stir.

singles in the kitchen

We’ve always believed that nothing impresses your guests more than cooking a meal for them, regardless of whether it is a date or a group of friends that you’re entertaining. To have Samar share his kitchen secrets with Floh members is indeed a rare privilege. 

Samar believes that a man cooks because:

a) He likes to eat

b) It helps him stay in touch with friends, family, and culinary traditions

c) It fires up women

d) The kitchen is a place that reminds him he can be a better man.

 In other words, it is the simplest way for a man to become complete 🙂

Floh gives our members a rare chance to step in to our event to see how this jugaad cook adapts, innovates, stumbles and triumphs. Cooking, he believes, is like a roadside mechanic’s fiddling and tinkering. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A twist here, a turn there. 

Floh members across the country have an unfair advantage as they can now meet with him at an event in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. The first event scheduled for August 11th at the Arbor Brewing Company in Bangalore. Floh members will cook on a classic Weber BBQ Grill, an induction surface and on a gas flame. Samar will share with them the best shortcuts that a single person needs in the kitchen!


(Samar at his book launch with historian Ramachandra Guha and restauranteur Arjun Sajnani)

P.S. If you’d like to read a woman’s opinion on why a man should cook, here’s a blog post from a Floh member.

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