Single in the city? Floh is manna from heaven

I grew up in Bangalore and I’ll be the first to admit that despite its reputation for being ‘cosmopolitan’, if you’re a single person here, life is tough. If you’re not part of an existing clique, it takes a prodigious amount of time & energy to meet like minded people in the city. I suspect that many other cities in India are similar.

There are two key issues. First, how do you get your finger on the pulse of the city? Yes, there’s Timeout, but very often the really fun activities aren’t widely announced. Second, and more importantly, even if you know what the most happening thing in town is, who do you go with? Sure, there’s that great barbeque and beer festival at your favorite haunt, but it’s no fun going for a leisurely 3 hour Sunday brunch solo. Imagine if you could go with 25 other like-minded folks who are exactly in the same spot as you.

get a lot more out of life at Floh

At Floh, we figured that this is a painful reality for single people in the city and we’re actually doing something about it. We’re building a vibrant community of high energy, single folks that are looking to get a lot more out of life. We screen each member before they join the community to ensure that they’re on the same wavelength as other members. We’re far from being a homogenous group and our members are doctors, designers, entrepreneurs, marketing and investment professionals and pilots. Despite being founded in Bangalore, we’re happy to report that Floh does not fit the stereotypical, ‘just for the IT-types’ mold!

If you’re single in the city, click here to learn how Floh can be your manna from heaven.

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