Floh #FridayFriends: Raghav Tankha

What’s special about Floh is that it is a very strong and tightly knit community. In an attempt to spotlight those that make up this community, we introduce to you – Friday Friends!

Kicking off December is Raghav Tankha.
Raghav Tankha is a working lawyer who enjoys his daily cups of coffee. Playing the drums, cooking, watching television shows ranging from Game of Thrones to Seinfeld, and running take up his time.

Did your profession choose you or did you choose your profession?
I have always been argumentative in nature, and had decided at some point in life that I’d either be a lawyer or a journalist. I’ve chosen the former but I suppose it could be said the profession also chose me to an extent.

Is there a celebrity’s life that you envy?
Christian Bale, mainly because of his method acting, and the fact that he got to play Batman and did a damn good job of it.

Tell us about one of your quirks.
I collect virtually all sorts of fragrances. Each one has a distinct smell to it, and there is so much variety. I wear perfumes based on how I feel on a particular day.

If you could ask for a gift from someone, what would it be?
A return ticket to New York.

The book on your bedside right now.
Sweet and Maxwell: The Interpretation of Contracts.

The last movie that had you crying tears of laughter or made you very emotional.
The Nice Guys.

The restaurant you would like to go to for date night.
The Deck/Oriental Octopus at India Habitat Center or The Big Chill in Delhi.

A fictional character that best represents you.
Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld.

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